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PC Maintenance Contracts

PC Maintenance Contract Information

We offer PC or notebook computer Service Level Agreement (SLA), so you can be confident that your computer will work when you need it the most, for a fixed monthly fee. You will also enjoy a discounted hourly rate for any work which is not included in the monthly service contract.

Basic PC Maintenance Contract

This monthly maintenance contract includes a professional Managed Antivirus Software and Secure on-line Backup of your data. It costs $19.95 per month per PC and there is no limit to the size of your backup, however your internet service provider may increase your broadband charges to provide for this additional data backup traffic. Please contact us for more information.

Essential PC Maintenance Contract

We take care of your PC or notebook computer maintenance and checkups, tune-ups and security patch installations, thus ensuring that you have a reliable computer at all times. We also include a professional Managed Antivirus Software and provide 10% discount on labour (upon your approval) for any work on that PC which is not included in the maintenance contract. The cost is $29.95 per month per PC and it is all done remotely (*).

Support PC Maintenance Contract

This PC or notebook computer maintenance package includes everything from the Essential contract above plus we also provide unlimited IT helpdesk with phone and remote IT support for that PC computer. This PC maintenance service is done remotely and it costs $39.95 per month per PC. Furthermore, we will provide 15% discount on labour (upon your approval) for any work on that PC which is not included in the service contract (*).

Complete PC Maintenance Contract

This is a full PC maintenance package which includes everything from the Support Maintenance Contract above plus unlimited on-site PC support in Auckland at fixed monthly fee of $59.95 per PC. Furthermore, we will provide 20% discount for all labour charges (upon your approval) on that PC which may not be included in this service contract, for example a new disk installation or memory upgrades (*).

(*) All prices exclude hardware parts and Goods and Services Tax (GST). Contract terms and conditions apply.